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Chinese cosmonauts have started work outside the national orbital station

xwgbSsIAG025Cosmonauts at the Chinese orbital station on Thursday began carrying out extravehicular work. This was reported by China Central Television.

According to him, Taikonauts Chen Dong and Liu Yang went into space at 19:09 Beijing time (14:09 Moscow time). The third crew member, Cai Xiuzhe, from the main module controls the process of activity outside the ship.
This time, as specified, Chinese cosmonauts are installing a pump, as well as adjusting the position of the panoramic camera on the Wentian research module.
The work is carried out using a mechanical arm that can move loads weighing up to 3 tons. The manipulator allows you to perform more detailed and complex operations than its counterpart on the Tianhe base unit, which is capable of moving up to 25 tons.
The Chinese station is located at an altitude of about 400 km and will serve for more than 10 years. It is designed for three people (up to six for a short time when the crew changes). The mass of the T-shaped complex, which has three docking nodes and a gateway for entering space, is 66 tons, the volume of compartments reaches 110 cubic meters. It is expected that the station will work normally by the end of this year and, as promised by the Chinese authorities, will be available for international projects, writes TASS.