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The project of creating a Russian-Chinese CR929 aircraft is planned to be updated

30851The project to create a Russian-Chinese wide-body long-haul CR929 aircraft is planned to be updated according to existing macroeconomic conditions, but the project itself is not being closed.

This was announced to journalists on the sidelines of the Army forum by the head of the UAC, Yuri Slyusar.
"Yes, we are working. But there is a combination of several factors: lockdown, sanctions. This leaves an imprint, we have to update the format of participation. But nevertheless, we are working closely with the Chinese, all our joint ventures are working," he said.
Slyusar added that the main factors that influenced the project were the pandemic (and as a result, the reformatting of the structure of the air transportation market), sanctions and the general macroeconomic situation.
The head of the UAC noted that the pandemic has made changes in the air transportation market, and the sanctions pressure has changed the composition of cooperation. Despite the changes affecting the development of the initial project plan, activities within the development of the CR929 aircraft do not stop.
"The pandemic has changed the air transportation market, changed the requirements for range, passenger capacity, characteristics, fuel cost, criticality of certain factors. <...> Accordingly, the sanctions pressure that we experienced, it changed the composition of cooperation. It is clear that in this situation we also got into this sanctions circuit, which does not allow us to further develop the project in the person in which it was originally. Plus, the macroeconomic situation has changed accordingly (approx. TASS). We must evaluate all this together with our Chinese comrades and understand how we can move forward. We are still working in accordance with the decisions made, we have not stopped the work, the engineering teams have been working, we are going through the sketch stage. But of course, the actualization associated with global trends for this Chinese-Russian aircraft should happen," said Slyusar.
For several years, the UAC, together with the Chinese CRAIC, have been developing a wide-body long-haul CR929 aircraft. In June, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said that Russia is now reducing its participation in the project, pointing out that the project "is not going in principle in the direction that suits us." At the same time, Borisov refused to comment on the future of the project and the possible withdrawal of the Russian side from it or continued participation, writes TASS.