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China has changed the rules for overseas flights with infected COVID-19

form photoreport imageid 542858 b7c3182272e50021580197795 2048x1366China has halved the period of suspension of flights arriving in the country, it follows from the message of the Civil Aviation Administration of the People's Republic of China (CAAC).

"If five cases of COVID-19 infection are detected on board an aircraft arriving from abroad, or four percent of passengers are infected, then the operation of the flight will be suspended for a week; if the proportion of infected is eight percent of passengers arriving on the flight, then its work will be stopped for two weeks," the report says. published on the regulator's website.
Previously, if five cases of COVID-19 were detected on a plane arriving in China from abroad, the work of the entire flight was stopped for two weeks, or the airline was allowed to fill only 40 percent of the seats on the plane for four weeks. If a total of ten or more cases were detected on two flights in a row, then the operation of the flight was stopped for eight weeks.
At the end of June, the State Health Committee published the ninth edition of the COVID-19 Prevention and Control Plan. In particular, it was decided to reduce the period of mandatory centralized quarantine for those entering from abroad from 14 to seven days. Nevertheless, Chinese anti-epidemic control is still one of the strictest in the world.