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The city of Sanya in Hainan has launched a platform for the protection of intellectual property rights

EbeFAIAThe publication clarified that the new mechanism is a portal of public services designed for innovative platforms and market entities.

It is expected that it will increase the interaction between government and business to a higher level, better take into account a number of professional requirements in international business practice, optimize resources and simplify formalities.
As the Department for the Affairs of the Sanya CDR commented, with the help of this platform, the authorities are going to take into account the interests of knowledge-intensive enterprises more fully, create additional functions on the basis of which a fundamentally new, more comprehensive system of protection of rights to inventions and developments will appear. "This will improve the business atmosphere, create more favorable conditions for business," the ministry said in a statement.
According to official data, more than 2 thousand companies have already been registered in the Sanya business district, including the headquarters of strategically important enterprises. Their activities cover a wide range of products, traditional and modern services, including the financial sector, cultural, humanitarian and tourism projects.