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Stable, prosperous society helps sense of national identity to become stronger

604ebcd9a31024adbdbb15ffA stable and prosperous society has helped young Chinese deepen their love for the country and gain a stronger sense of national identity, according to experts.

President Xi Jinping said during the just-concluded two sessions that today's younger generation is undergoing a change in its mentality and thinking.

When young Chinese go abroad, they no longer feel inferior, but consider themselves on an equal footing with their overseas counterparts, Xi said.

He made the remarks after joining a discussion with national political advisers from the education, medical and health sectors at the fourth session of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in Beijing on March 6 as chinadaily informs. 

Xi's comments come as young Chinese have demonstrated a growing sense of national pride and patriotism in recent years.

Evidence of this can be seen across digital platforms, where content featuring national culture, scientific and technological breakthroughs, along with military developments, inspires young people to express their love for the country.

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