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Beijing authorities have warned of serious consequences of misinformation about the pandemic in China

10dba2fb1d2f5b4cd20b4c3b29cfbd16Chinese authorities are warning residents and foreigners about the serious consequences of misinformation about the pandemic and government measures to combat coronavirus

This was announced on Monday by the propaganda department of the Beijing party committee.

"There is a serious and difficult situation in China, because we have to take into account a lot of risks associated with the arrival of people from abroad and other regions of China. I ask the residents of the city to use information from competent sources, not to believe in gossip and not to spread it," Tian Wei, head of the Department of External Propaganda of the department, said at a press conference.

According to the official, those who will deliberately engage in disinformation, "will be held accountable in accordance with the law." According to him, the negative impact of the factors caused by the pandemic continues to increase.

Tian Wei clarified that the May holidays are approaching, when passenger traffic is noticeably increasing in China and the risk of the spread of coronavirus is increasing.

"The most serious measures should be taken," he stressed.

Recall that the epidemic situation in China has deteriorated markedly since mid-March. The most difficult situation is observed in Shanghai and in Jilin Province (northeast). Despite the fact that Beijing still belongs to the regions with a small number of infected people, the number of new cases of infection has increased in the city in the last few days.

According to Chinese law, tough administrative and criminal measures can be applied against persons who intentionally spread false information about the pandemic.