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The candidate for the post of the new head of the Hong Kong administration, John Lee, promised to seek the early opening of the border with mainland China

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It has remained closed to quarantine-free travel of citizens since the beginning of the pandemic.

"I know that this is a serious task. But I will start negotiations as soon as possible. I intend to pragmatically promote the solution of this issue," the Hong Kong version of the China Daily newspaper quotes him as saying.
According to Lee, the border between Hong Kong and the neighboring southern Chinese province of Guangdong, which has been closed for more than two years, creates serious inconveniences for many businessmen, foreigners, scientists, teachers. Hong Kong was working on the possibility of opening the border with mainland China at the end of last year. However, these plans were disrupted by a new local outbreak of covid.
It is currently on the decline, and local authorities have been easing restrictive measures in this special administrative region since Thursday. The election of the new head of the Hong Kong administration will take place on May 8 and will be held on an uncontested basis. John Lee, the former chief security officer of the city, who until recently held the second most important post of chief secretary, is the only registered candidate and is supported by Beijing. There is practically no doubt that he will be elected by the electoral college and will head the region