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In China, they said that they have not yet found survivors of the Boeing 737 crash

Screenshot 14 2Search and rescue teams have not yet found survivors at the crash site in southern China, said Zhu Tao, a representative of the Civil Aviation Administration of China.

On the morning of March 21, the Civil Aviation Administration of the People's Republic of China reported the crash of a Boeing 737 airliner of China Eastern Airlines heading to Guangzhou. It was reported that 132 people were on board, of which 123 were passengers and nine were crew members. After the incident, the airline announced the suspension of flights by Boeing 737-800 aircraft.
"There were 123 passengers on board – there were no foreign nationals among them – and nine crew members (three pilots, five flight attendants, one security officer)," he said at a press conference.
The China Eastern plane on Monday took off from Changshui Airport in Kunming, Yunnan Province at 13:15 local time (8:15 Moscow time) and was supposed to land at Baiyun Airport in Guangzhou, Gaundong Province at 14:52 (9:52 Moscow time), 13 minutes ahead of schedule. According to Chinese media, the crash occurred at 14:38 (9:38 Moscow time), RIA Novosti writes.