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China will allocate $475.4 billion for the social sphere

5f6c768ae3e76700117163f0China has allocated 3 billion yuan from the central government's budget to strengthen weak links in the field of social security and ensuring people's well-being.

This was announced by the country's chief economic planner.

The funds will be used to support 261 projects related to the welfare of children, assistance to the homeless, rehabilitation and care for people with disabilities, as well as veterans' services, basic funeral services and mental health protection, the National Development and Reform Commission reported.

According to the commission, in recent years, more and more public investments have been directed to projects aimed at improving the well-being of people.

It also noted that this year the central government's investments in projects aimed at eliminating weak links in the social security sector are 200 million yuan more than in 2021, which helps optimize services for special groups, Regnum reports.