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The head of EU diplomacy Borrel urged China to influence Russia

josep borrellThe head of EU diplomacy Borrel appealed to Chinese Foreign Minister Wang with a request to influence Russia in order to resolve the situation in Ukraine.

According to him, China can become part of diplomatic efforts and help stop the fire in Ukraine.
"I had a long conversation with the Chinese minister. In my opinion, we are not talking about mediation. But it is obvious that China has influence on Russia. We discussed the current situation, its causes, and possible continuation… I asked for China ... to become part of the diplomatic efforts for an immediate ceasefire and negotiations," Borrel said.
Earlier, the representative of the EU Foreign Policy Service, Peter Stano, noted that the union countries are entering into negotiations with many partners who could help resolve the Ukrainian crisis.
Western politicians express concern about Russia's special military operation to demilitarize Ukraine, which was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 24.
Earlier, "NIA-China" informed that China calls on Russia and Ukraine to negotiate. According to the Chinese Foreign Minister, the country supports "constructive international efforts that contribute to a political solution."