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Semiconductor manufacturer UMC has stopped the operation of the enterprise in China

127339 intel 7nm q2 2020 update 1One of the world's largest semiconductor manufacturers, United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC), suspended the operation of its enterprise in Suzhou (eastern Jiangsu Province) due to suspected coronavirus infection in one of its employees.

This was reported on Tuesday by the Shanghai information resource Yicai Global.
We are talking about stopping production at an enterprise that produces eight-inch semiconductor wafers, which is managed by a subsidiary of UMC, Hejian Technology. After detecting several local cases of infection in Suzhou, UMC began checking for covid of all personnel. The work of the enterprise, which is located just in the industrial park where the local outbreak was detected, will be resumed after receiving the appropriate permission from the authorities.
UMC, the resource writes, is confident that the shutdown of production at this enterprise will not affect the results of the first quarter. The average cost of the company's products, as previously predicted, should increase by 5%, and the gross profit indicator will remain at 40% for this period. The company in Suzhou, which produces up to 80 thousand semiconductor wafers every month, provides up to 5% of UMC's total revenue, writes TASS.
At the same time, according to experts, the closure of the plant may worsen the problem of shortage of semiconductors on the world market, which arose due to the pandemic and other difficulties with supply chains.