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The average life expectancy of women in China in 2020 exceeded 80 years

1600038637 0 159 3072 1887 1280x0 80 0 0 cb19eeb7e4c5017eb57785d1708dee17The average life expectancy of Chinese women increased from 77.37 years in 2010 to 80.88 years in 2020, according to data from the State Statistical Office of the People's Republic of China.

Over the past decade, the social status of Chinese women has significantly increased, as well as their sense of achievement, a sense of happiness and a sense of security have significantly increased, according to the GSU report on the results of monitoring the implementation of the Women's Development Program in China (2011-2020).

The gender gap in compulsory education has been eliminated. The net enrolment rate of primary school-age girls has remained above 99.9% for six consecutive years since 2015, as among boys of the same age.

Thanks to the improvement of measures in the field of employment and entrepreneurship in 2011-2020, employment channels for women were expanded, and the number of women with jobs steadily increased.

According to the report, 67.79 million women worked in Chinese cities and towns last year, which is 39.5% more than in 2010. Currently, women make up 43.5% of the total number of employed in China.

Although historical progress has been made during these ten years in promoting gender equality and the comprehensive development of women, work to protect the rights and interests of women in some areas still needs to be strengthened, the report states.