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A group of deputies of the Lithuanian parliament called for a boycott of the 2022 Olympics in Beijing

head 0The appeal to the president, the government and politicians says that it is a principled position that can help protect sports from the temptation to turn it into a political tool.

 A group of deputies of the Seimas (parliament) of Lithuania, members of the ruling majority, called on Lithuanian politicians and athletes to boycott the Winter Olympics, which will be held in February 2022 in Beijing. They distributed their appeal on Friday in the local media. "We appeal to the president, the government, and politicians of Lithuania not to participate in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics, not to send an official delegation to Beijing," reads the text signed by 17 parliamentarians. They called on not only politicians, but also athletes to participate in the boycott. "We urge you to demonstrate a civil position and not to participate in the performance, which will be organized by the authoritarian government for another demonstration of the power of the communist regime.