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Shanghai is launching a vaccination program against COVID-19 children aged 6-11 years

3The Shanghai authorities have been launching a pre-registration procedure for vaccination against COVID-19 children in the age group from 6 to 11 years since October 28.

This is stated in a message published on Wednesday in the official account of the city administration in the messenger WeChat.

We are talking about pre-registration for vaccination for children who permanently reside in Shanghai and have a residence permit in this city. As indicated in the message of the authorities, vaccination will be exclusively voluntary with the consent of parents and there are no mentions in the application about any conditions, in particular about non-admission to school for the unvaccinated. For the children of foreigners, as well as residents of the special administrative regions of Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Macao (Macao), as well as the island of Taiwan, the launch of an appropriate immunization program in this age category will be announced later, TASS reports.

At the end of August, a mass vaccination campaign against COVID-19 adolescents aged 12-14 years was launched in Shanghai, and in the middle of last month, young people aged 15-17 years began to be vaccinated. At the same time, accurate data are not published on how many children or adolescents in the city were infected, as well as how many of them suffered from the disease in mild, moderate, severe form or even asymptomatic.

According to the latest data, since March 1, when the mass vaccination campaign began, more than 18 million people have already received both doses of the vaccine in Shanghai. This figure is slightly more than 80% of the total population of the city over the age of 18. Thus, the local authorities believe, we can talk about the gradual formation of collective immunity in the most populous city in the world, where about 24 million people live without migrants.

Local authorities also assure that in Shanghai, according to official data, since the beginning of the spread of COVID-19, a total of only 2.7 thousand cases of infection have been registered, of which 381 are local. Seven people have died from diseases caused by the new coronavirus in the metropolis for the entire time of statistics.