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The head of the DiDi company plans to leave the post

maxresdefault 2According to the agency, Jin Liu calls on the company's management to look for new opportunities.

Jin Liu, co-founder and president of the Chinese online taxi ordering platform DiDi Chuxing, informed her entourage that she is going to leave the company. This was reported on Monday by the Reuters news agency, citing sources, writes TASS.

According to them, Jin Liu is going to leave the company and calls on the DiDi management to "look for new opportunities".

Jin Liu, 43, a former employee of Goldman Sachs, joined DiDi in 2014. According to the company, it owns 1.6% of shares worth about $640 million.

On June 30, DiDi began trading shares on the New York Stock Exchange. During the IPO, the company raised $ 4.4 billion. On July 2, China's supervisory authorities began checking DiDi due to cybersecurity issues. On July 4, the Cybersecurity Administration of the People's Republic of China ordered the removal of the online taxi ordering service DiDi from app stores in connection with the illegal collection of confidential user information.