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A new version of the occurrence of coronavirus in Wuhan was called in China

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The coronavirus could have got to Wuhan together with the imported packages of frozen food, this version was announced by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

"After China contained an early outbreak in April 2020, there were sporadic outbreaks in Beijing and Dalian in the summer. Thus, we conducted epidemiological studies <...> and confirmed that the virus was imported from other countries or regions through transportation in the cold chain," CDC expert Ma Helai was quoted as saying by the Global Times.
Experts of the World Health Organization (WHO) visited the Chinese city of Wuhan at the beginning of the year to establish the source of the coronavirus infection, and considered the version according to which COVID has a laboratory origin unlikely.
US intelligence agencies are also trying to understand the nature of COVID. Last Wednesday, it became known that intelligence on behalf of President Joe Biden conducted a study on the origin of the coronavirus, but did not come to a consensus. Representatives of the special services have not been able to establish whether COVID-19 was transmitted from an animal, or it was a leak from the laboratory.